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Should You File a Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Filing a Worker’s Compensation Claim

Many people worry that filing a workers’ compensation claim will result in termination from their job. This worry is magnified in light of the volatile economic times the nation is in. It makes sense to think that being fired is much worse than winning a workers’ compensation claim.

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Fortunately, many states protect employees from being fired because of workers’ compensation claims. Employers can have wrongful termination suits filed against them if they fire an employee because of his or her workers’ compensation claim. Check with your state to know if you will be protected when you file your claim. If not, then you will have to decide if your claim is worth the risk of being fired. Also, your employer will probably have insurance to pay for the claim so he won’t have much of a reason to be upset.

It is usually a good idea to file a claim, even if an injury seems minor. Many minor injuries may grow worse over time or become exacerbated. Some states have a time limit for a complaint to be filed, so it’s important to decide fairly quickly. Many claims will be denied if too much time passes. It’s best to talk to an attorney about your potential workers’ compensation claim.

It is tempting to just use your own medical insurance. This is an option, but filing a workers’ compensation claim is usually better. You will save a lot of money. The claim will pay for everything- medication, surgery, and sometimes even travelling costs. Choosing your own medical insurance will of course introduce all sorts of co-payment plans between you and your insurance. This will be especially terrible if the injury lasts for an extended period of time. Costs that initially seemed manageable will, overtime, spiral out of control to boggling levels. Money spent on this injury could have been used for many, many other things.More importantly, you will not be able to have your wages reimbursed if you miss time because of doctor visits or time off due to the injury. This is not the case for a workers compensation claim; your wages should be reimbursed for time spent away from the job due to treatment approved on the workers compensation claim.

No one can be blamed for fearing the loss of a job. However, it’s always important to report an injury on the job. Many injuries can grow with time; not having coverage on an injury such as this could cost you thousands in medical bills. A Workers ‘Compensation Claim, on the other hand, may pay all of your medical expenses. You may also forgot payment during time away from work. Lastly, in many states you will be protected from losing your job. Contact a lawyer in your state for information about your workers’ compensation case.

Get a Consultation for Worker’s Compensation Issues

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Article by Derek Weems

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  • Debra
    September 2, 2013 - 8:46 am Reply

    My uncle used to work as a boat mechanic in a boat yard and one day an engine came down on him and he injured his shoulder permanently. He went on to file a workers compensation claim and that turned out to be a sound decision because he got the money he needed to support his family once he could no longer work because of the physical pain.

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