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Catastrophic Claims

Dorato & Weems LLC ensures that wrongdoers are held accountable and appropriate benefits are paid to individuals seriously injured in catastrophic claims including burns and explosions, oilfield accidents, defective products, medical negligence, or nursing home neglect.

If you or a loved one are involved in a catastrophic claim, call our firm immediately.  We will discuss with you the complexities of the claim, and ensure that your and your family’s rights are protected.

Litigation arising from catastrophic claims is very complex.  Due to the significant injuries caused by catastrophic injuries, or death, these cases must be taken very seriously.  It is important for you to call our office immediately.  The sooner you contact our office regarding your or your family’s catastrophic claim, the sooner we can begin investigating the injury and building your case.

In every claim, liability must be established.  We must prove whom was at fault for an injury, how the injury occurred, why the injury occurred, and established damages appropriate for the injuries and life changes resulting from the accident.

Liability must be established through expert testimony.  We will hire experts in the field related to the cause of your injury both to investigate the catastrophic claim and to prove liability.  The type of expert depends on the type of case.  For instance, we will hire doctors to testify regarding another doctor’s medical negligence, or fire cause and origin engineers to discuss the cause and ignition of an explosion.  Experts also are utilized to discuss how and why an injury occurred.  Accident reconstructionists will show the variables and events leading up to an injury, and help illustrate whom was at fault for the injury.  Again, the sooner we are hired to work on your case, the sooner we and the experts can develop the liability aspects of your or your family’s claim.

Damages are the measure of the “value” of the injury or death.  The “value” assessment is determining the appropriate amount of money for the injuries or death resulting from a catastrophic claim.  Damages can include medical bills, the value of lost opportunities in life, economic loss over a lifetime, and loss of companionship among family members and dependents.

When we hire experts, we advance these costs, to be repaid by an eventual recovery.  We do not ask our clients to pay any fees up front for experts or their work.  We do not ask for repayment of costs if we lose.  In essence, we advance our money into your case, investing our time and resources into a case we believe in.

As attorney formerly hired to represent insurance companies against catastrophic claims, Dorato & Weems LLC has the experience and knowledge to develop and prosecute a legal claim on you or your family’s behalf.  Knowing how insurance companies defend claims, we have a unique ability to preempt and address the insurance company’s defenses.

If you or your family are involved in a catastrophic claim, call our firm immediately.  Albuquerque Catastrophic Claims Lawyers Dorato and Weems are ready to go to work for you against the trained professional adjusters and lawyers from the insurance company. We do not require any fees from you up-front. Your fees will be paid on a contingent basis, which means that any fees will be payable at the end from the benefits that we obtain for you. You will never owe any fees unless we collect money for you!

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