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Albuquerque Workers Compensation Lawyers

Albuquerque Workers Compensation Lawyers Dorato and Weems are ready to represent you against the trained professional adjusters and attorney’s hired by your employer’s insurance company. If you are injured on the job, you are entitled to benefits as set forth by the New Mexico Worker’s Compensation Act.  Generally, those benefits include wage replacement during the period of your medical recovery, payment of medical bills from “authorized” healthcare providers, and preferential treatment in re-hire.

While some work injuries heal quickly with little medical expense or lost time from work, others can be worse.  In serious work injury claims, there are both short term and long term concerns.  In the short term, you should be sure that you are receiving the correct financial benefits, and that your medical care is continuing appropriately and uninterrupted.  Long term, you should be sure that you continue your entitlement to “reasonable and necessary” medical care and that your long term financial benefits are paid correctly.

The Worker’s Compensation Act has areas of uncertainty and negotiation, wherein your benefits be substantially affected.  An insurance company has a loyalty to its shareholders, and to the business interest of minimizing its expenses.  This can have significant economic consequences for you, as the underpayment of your financial benefits is in the insurance company’s best interest.  We evaluate claims as your representative, assuring that you are receiving the maximum benefits to which you are entitled under the Worker’s Compensation Act.

Medical care is often denied or rejected, especially if the worker’s compensation insurance company disputes the extent of your injury, or disputes your doctor’s opinions as to the treatment you deserve.  We often are involved in claims forcing insurance companies to pay for medical treatment that our clients need, and that their doctors recommend.

Financial benefits are also often disputed   For instance, if you injured your back, neck, shoulders or hips, our office will evaluate the factors important in determining your long term lifting ability through the lens of assuring you are provided the maximum benefits to which you are entitled, not the minimum acceptable amount.  Similarly, if you injure your arms or legs, the insurance company will pay based upon your “permanent impairment,” or loss of medical functioning.  However, some companies refuse to pay, or even offer, benefits for the “loss of use” of your arms or legs based upon the limitations your injury causes to your work and personal life.

If you have questions regarding your Worker’s Compensation claim, the benefits to which you are entitled, or how your case should be moving forward, call our firm immediately.

We provide a free initial consultation to explain your rights. If you decide to hire us, we will stay by your side during the entire process. Our firm will communicate with your adjuster or the insurance company attorney, complete and file all required paperwork, represent you throughout your claim, and work to provide the maximum benefits available to you.

General information regarding Worker’s Compensation claims is available in our Frequently Asked Questions.  Please contact us for additional information, or to discuss your claim.

Albuquerque Workers Compensation Lawyers Dorato and Weems are ready to go to work for you against the trained professional adjusters and lawyers from the insurance company. We do not require any fees from you up-front. Your fees will be paid on a contingent basis, which means that any fees will be payable at the end from the benefits that we obtain for you. You will never owe any fees unless we collect money for you!

Call us today for a free, no-risk consultation

We get paid out of any money we collect for you, you will never owe us anything up-front. Call us today at 505-314-8880. – Derek Weems

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